A video from Yail Bloor showing just how the V3 Flip works and why it's call the Flip. And yes, only 3 1/2 turns! A big thank you goes out to Yail for taking time out of his busy schedule to look at the V3 Flip.

A short video showing the engraving.

This is how the 3D Engraving is done on the Flip. Total running time for the complete process is approximately 25 minutes.

A 360 degree panorama view of what the V3 Flip looks like with the optional engraving

V3tronix Flip

 Introducing the V3tronix Flip

Everything you've come to know about telescopic devices, throw it out the window. You'll no longer have to twist and turn 20-30 times to adjust the tube. With the V3tronix Flip, you'll be on your way with only 3 1/2 turns.

Phil Busardo says of the V3 Flip...


  • Crafted from 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 compliant facility to ensure you will receive the best possible device
  • 3 1/2 twists and one or two flips will convert the device to support different battery modes
  • Battery Mode Support: 500, 500+Kick, 650, 650+Kick (and Kick 2)
    No extra tube will be needed for the Kick or Kick 2
  • 24k Hard D Gold Plated Brass contact
    Floating and adjustable contact
  • 3D Engraving - as deep as 2mm in some areas
    This is NOT laser engraving. The tube is milled in a CNC machine. Total machine time is approximately 25 minutes to complete the engraving.
  • Upgraded power button


  • Three Tubes
    Width of smallest tube - 23.03mm - .906"
    Width of widest tube - 25.4mm - 1"
    Length of the shortest tube - 25.47mm - 1"
    Length of the longest tube - 63.61mm - 2.5"
  • One Power Button
  • One 510 Flower Ring - 22.33mm - .879"
    Optional 801 and 901 flower ring will be offered
  • Carrying pouch


  • Custom Engraving (up to 9 letters) - Custom Engraving can take up to an additional 1-2 weeks depending on production schedule. If you have already purchased the Flip and now wish to have the inner tube engraved, please email us at info@v3tronix.com for information on getting your device engraved.

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