V3 .50 Caliber Bullet Mod - Aluminum - Chrome Plating


If we could fill this whole page with a huge image of the V3 .50 caliber bullet mod, we would. For it is a beautiful thing! See it, know it, love it, want it, have it, need it...

Custom-crafted here in the U S of A, we take great pride in presenting this magnificence to you. Here are some specs..

Constructed out of..
  - 6061 T651 Aluminum

Electroless plating applied to..
  - 24k gold-plated tip and base ring
  - Chrome-plated body

Physical dimensions of..
  - Length: 6.375" (161.9mm)
  - Diameter: 0.875" (22.2mm)
  - Total Weight: 3.7oz

The 510 thread has been redesigned and made out of 303 stainless steel, which will hold up extremely well over continuous usage.

We also include our recently developed beauty ring (in aluminum), which lets you hide any potential gaps with atty that you choose to use.

See tech specs, find out what's included in the box, and learn how it works below..

6061 T651 aluminum

We take material that is normally used for aircraft fittings, ocean-bound hardware (the sea is a cruel mistress), as well as industrial brake and hydraulic parts.. and we use it in the construction of the V3 .50 caliber vape. 6061 is used for heavy-duty structures requiring good strength-to-weight ratio with good corrosion resistance (it has the highest resistance to corrosion of all the heat treated aluminums). We say strength under adversity and durability to the finish. We believe in this material. We bring it to you in the form of this vape. It will help bear your burden over the years. Lean on it.

Chrome plating

The fifty-cal aluminum body is given an electroless chrome plating. The electroless plating process allows the chrome to bathe all parts of the body, depositing metal evenly along edges and over irregulary shaped ridges. These spots are normally difficult to plate evenly with an electroplating process. Sounds very scientific. Just know that the fifty-cal looks exquisite.

24karat gold-plated tip and base ring

What can we say? Gotta look good, without breaking the bank. Your lips, on gold. Your fingers, on gold. We are go on happy.

With the V3 .50 caliber vape in your arsenal, you will never be embarassed to vape.. whether you’re at home or out ‘n about. Hell, we figure you’ll even be excited to bust out the bullet!

1 - Clear Protective Tube

1 - V3 .50 Caliber Vape Mod

- Base
- Spacer ring
- Battery chamber
- Tank chamber
- Tip

1 - Refillable e-Liquid Tank (not compatible with dry herbs)

- 2.5mL mini Aspire BDC

1 - Battery Charger

2 - Genuine efest Rechargeable Li-Mn Batteries 3.7 volt, 800 mAh, IMR 18350

1 - M16 Ammo Pouch

1 - User Guide

Clear Protective Tube

As additional protection for your vape, we’ve included a clear polycarbonate tube that you can secure it in for travel or storage. Take care of your vape and your vape will take care of you.

V3 .50 Caliber Vape Mod

The V3 fifty-cal is a strikingly gorgeous case for the components it houses. It integrates a universal 510 thread, making it compatible with a variety of tanks and batteries currently on the market. We have chosen tanks and batteries that have a proven track record with everyday vaporists. But perhaps your personal favorite is different. As long as it uses universal 510 threading, you’ll be able to pop it into the V3 .50 cal and vape to your heart’s content. Please note, tanks must be no larger than 50mm height x 15.06mm diameter to fit within the V3 .50 caliber tank chamber.

Refillable e-Liquid Tank

The V3 .50 Caliber Vape now comes with a mini Aspire BDC. Please note, the tank is not compatible with dry herbs. It is only to be used with e-liquid.

Genuine Efest Li-Mn Batteries

LiMn (commonly referred to as Lithium Manganese) batteries have safer chemistry than Li-ion batteries and do not need a protection circuit built in which mean there’s no risk of venting explosion or flames. Maximum charge voltage is 4.25 volts and should never be discharged below 2.5 volts, doing so could reduce longevity/performance.

M16 Ammo Pouch

To compliment the military styling of the fifty-cal, we chose an M16 ammo pouch that would comfortaby fit the vape and it’s accompanying accessories. It has a quick-release buckle for easy access and closure.

V3 .50 Cal Bullet Mod Given Buh-In Award from Phil Busardo

During the holiday season, Phil Busardo gave recognition to products that he "saw something great in or they have changed the way [he has] vaped or just something special about a product that [he's] used". As he humbly states, "These are things that I thought deserved a mention."

Sharing the esteemed company of the DNA-20 and the Innokin 134, we at V3tronix are proud as all heck that the V3 .50 Cal Bullet Vape Mod was recognized for a Buh-In Award from Phil Busardo.

"This one because of what it does caught my eye, caught my eye right away. The way those seams just disappear into the device, to me is very impressive. Now I gave this to somebody to take a look at who was very into machining and when they said, 'Wow that's machined really well,' I knew that I was on the right track with this as far as the machining of this device."

We were also happy to see him with the V3 Flip as well! We (and the rest of the vaping internet, we're sure) are very excited for Phil's upcoming review of the Flip. Cannot wait!

"Wait til you see the Flip folks, this is pretty impressive too. We're gonna be taking a look at this soon enough."

Phil Busardo Tastes His Juice on the V3 .50 Cal (V2)

"There are so many impressive things."

Yay yay yay! Phil Busardo, the lovable, huggable, knowledgable teacher and learner of all things vape got his paws on the V3 .50 Cal. We've been waiting anxiously for him to review our piece for awhile now, so there was much excitement!

"It makes using some pretty basic vape gear look pretty f***n cool." (Yes, awesome!) "I love the way this looks, especially if you're a gun or a weapons enthusiast." (We agree!) "The machining on it is I think beautiful. The way those seams disappear with this makes me scratch my head and wonder how come if they can do it, how come others can't do it?" (Who knows, magic? We are magicians.)

Sadly in his original review, Phil did not have the right designer ring for his V3 .50 Cal. This caused him to actually give our beauty a thumbs down (oh noes!!). He did say if he ever got the right ring in hand, he would re-review the device. When we realized the issue, we promptly shipped out the proper ring. True to his word, Phil followed up with another review.

"This changes the 50 cal mod to a very very strong thumbs up." (All is right in the world again.) "Just real nice machining and it all looks good and works well together.. once you have the correct parts." (Sorrrrry Phil. We don't know how that happened. We do our best to double-check orders, but when the rare mistake is made, we are happy to correct it.)

Nick "GrimmGreen" Gets Uppey Closey with the V3 .50 Cal (V1)

"The machining on this mod is basically unbelievable."

The man himself, Nick "GrimmGreen", has taken a look at the V3tronix .50 Cal Vape Mod (V1). A respected voice in the industry, Nick's sweet personality makes watching his videos an easy-going experience. It feels like you're sitting down and relaxing with a friend. Care for a vape?

As with most reviewers to date, Nick compliments the machining ("One of the most precisely machined mech mods I've come across") as well as the locking mechanism ("The switch has probably one of the best locking switches that I've ever seen"). Sadly, he misplaced his mini Vivi Nova tank that ships with every V3 .50 Cal, so he wasn't able to test the .50 Cal in Bullet Mode. Also, he had trouble with his designer ring (he put it in upside down) and subsequently was not able to connect certain larger tanks in Short Mode.

Nick has been alerted to the oversight by us, as well as a few astute commentors on his website (yay Team Tronix!). He has since posted a review addendum making note of the corrections ("I was very very wrong about that." "It just looks perfect, like it should"). Thanks Nick for giving the V3 .50 Cal a lookey feeley!

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